Secrets of Home Inspection: How to Master the Art Of Buying a Home

Become an informed home buyer. Save money later by learning to preinspect a home you might want to buy today. Don't let your dream house become a money pit.

The Home Buying Inspection Guide...

A lot of people think buying a house is just a big gamble. Six months after the sale, you might be enjoying your house in comfort -- or you might be paying for constant repairs. Wouldn't it be great to be able to spot potential problems now, BEFORE signing a contract on the home?

As you know, a professional home inspector will, at some point, look at the house you are thinking about buying, going through his own checklist. But that's only after you write a contract, after you put down a deposit and other fees. It takes time and money, and if you decide not to buy the home, you lose both.

Imagine if you could inspect the homes yourself, learn the secrets inspectors use, go through a professional check list and pre-qualify homes yourself, long before you write that all-important real estate contract.

As you know, the housing industry cycles through booms and busts, and buyers often need to act quickly when deciding on a home. Sometimes contracts are placed on homes within days of going on the market. The biggest problem home buyers face is identifying potential problem areas that could mean big expenses later. Doesn't it make sense to have the home inspection tips that will help you divide the great houses from the lemons?

The Home Buying Inspection Guide gives you the kind of knowledge you've been looking for. The book covers everything inside and out, including the kitchen, bathrooms, mechanicals, electrical, doors, windows, fascia roof and optional items, like alarm systems and pools. It even includes an easy checklist to follow.

What is it worth to you to be able to steamline the buying process, to quickly look at a home and know whether it's worth putting a contract on? I can't put a dollar figure on that. Only you know what your time and trouble are worth, along with all those inspection and other contract costs.

When you stop and think about it, the speed in which you decide whether or not to proceed on a house usually makes all the difference in a successful transaction. How often have you, or someone you know, tried to put a contract on a home, only to find out it's too late? Or that you already put a contract on a property, only to find out about major problems? It's happened to all of us. It's happened to me, and it made me angry. That's why, many years ago, I decided to learn all I could about home inspections.

My work in plumbing, carpentry and electrical systems helped a lot, along with my experience as a former realtor. But since then, I researched all of the other aspects of home inspection. And then I realized how many other people would also benefit from this information, and that's when I decided to write this book.

The Home Buying Inspection Guide is an 85-page text, chock full of all of the tricks home inspectors use to examine a house. Here is just a small sample of what you'll discover when you quickly read through it:

• You'll know several things you can identify in a quick driveby, without ever having to leave the comfort of your car.
• You'll find out what tools to take with you when inspecting a house, and how to use them, things you probably have at home right now!
• You'll be better able to identify your needs, and what characteristics would best fulfill those needs.
• You'll be able to spot things that will raise or lower the value of the home, which could affect it's resale value later on.
• You'll know how to evaluate a neighborhood, what services to look for, as well as the warning signs of upcoming problems
• You'll have a handy checklist to carry with you when you look at a house, and be able to check off advantages and disadvantages within minutes
• You'll know what to check in a house's foundation -- the most important part of a home.
• You'll know the difference between a major problem and a minor one, which may require a simple cosmetic change.
• You'll learn to quickly spot big problem areas, that will mean costly repairs, which could save you years of grief.
• You'll be able to move faster when you do find your dream house, and have a clearer idea of it's true value.

The best part is, anyone can get started at pre-inspecting homes. Sure, you will still want a professional inspector to look at it later -- and it's normally required as part of the home buying process -- but by pre-inspecting homes, you'll have the advantage of moving much faster in the home buying process. This way, you won't get tied up in a contract you'll later regret. You'll be able to rule out problem houses and quickly move on. And best of all, you won't be at the mercy of an unscrupulous inspector, who often works for the selling realtor, and is often more interested in helping to close the deal than in protecting your interests. Don't be misled! Have the knowledge that gives you the power to get the best home possible for your money.

By the time you finish reading The Home Buying Inspection Guide, you'll be able to walk through a home and identify problem areas inside and out. You'll also know about the best and worst materials, so you'll be better able to access the quality that went into the home.

Don't you think you owe it to yourself to get this information, to give yourself the edge over others home buyers who might be trying to buy the same dream house as you?

First, let me say, this information is simple to use. When you walk through your next house, things will be different. The next time, you'll know what to look for, you'll know the absolute necessities you will require, and what should make you run for cover -- or on to the next house, at least!

But stop! There's more! On top of the inspection guide, we have some additional bonuses we plan to give you. Of course, you know about the step-by-step checklist. In addition, here are three bonuses.

Bonus #1: A special report, 100 Questions and Answers About Buying a Home, which tells you everything else you need to know about the home buying process, from choosing neighborhoods and school districts to getting a mortgage to closing on a house.

Bonus #2: Toxic Report, The 6 Toxins That Can Plague Your Dream Home

Click above for Home Buying Inspection Guide, electronic version, $19.95, with book in PDF format by immediate download.

How does someone with little or no knowledge of inspecting homes become knowledgable overnight? All you do is open the guide, and begin reading. It's written in clear, simple terms, with lots of images, which make it easy to understand. It's a step-by-step, easy-to-follow guide, with checklist, that shows you what to do to inspect every area of the home, from roof to basement. The further you read into it, the more you'll realize why this information is so vital, and why it will give you the edge in getting your dream house. Remember, making the wrong choice in a home is easy to make, and could result in a lifetime of regret. Don't make that mistake! Protect yourself by gaining the knowledge that will let you look at a prospective home with your eyes wide open, and provide your own report. Your house is the biggest investment of your life. Make it count.

The Home Buying Inspection Guide is designed to get you up and running in record time, to help you quickly decide whether to rule out a house or move ahead with the contract. The choice is yours. And so are the benefits. If you want to secure your future, this is the opportunity you've been looking for.

Click above for Home Buying Inspection Guide, electronic version, $19.95, with book in PDF format by immediate download (remember to click the "return to merchant" link after ordering, to access your download).

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Click above for Home Buying Inspection Guide, electronic version, $19.95, by immediate download in PDF format. You'll simply click the "return to merchant site" button after ordering, to access our download page.

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