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Carpet Cleaning Tips

Carpet cleaning should be a part time job all on its own. Some say that carpets are easy to care for and maintain - I say 'only when you hire someone to do the carpet cleaning for you'. A few searches can help you find the best carpet cleaning services in your area, whether you live in Las Vegas, NY, NJ, Houston or Timbuktu.

However, to keep your carpet looking presentable and help it to last longer, there are some carpet cleaning duties that you can do on a regular basis, like vacuuming and cleaning up spills immediately.

Here are six (6) carpet cleaning tips to help you maintain and care for your carpet.

1. Create a carpet cleaning schedule. Your carpet cleaning schedule should include how often you intend to vacuum, your carpet cleaning system and when and who will implement your system.

Dust accumulation is your carpet's enemy. Regular vacuuming will reduce the dust level in your carpet.

Two of the most popular carpet cleaning systems are wet, or steam cleaning (hot water extraction), and dry carpet cleaning. The use of either of these methods, when done properly, will remove oils, greases and whatever stains that finds itself on your carpet.

2. Clean spills immediately. It is a fact. The longer spills remain on your carpet the harder it is to clean them. Deal with them as soon as possible before you're faced with irremovable stains.

3. Use doorway mats. Using mats at entrances to carpeted rooms will help reduce the amount of dust that would have ended up on your carpet. NOTE: Keep these rugs vacuumed.

4. Your carpet cleaning supplies. Carpet cleaners can be mild or very strong. Most contain chemicals which are highly dangerous like, hydrofluoric acid, tetrachloroethylene and butoxyethanol.

When using these products please read the manufactures instructions carefully and take the necessary precautions like wearing gloves and using goggles.

5. Hire a carpet cleaning professional. This is my most favorite thing to do. Let someone else worry about it.

When choosing a carpet cleaning professional be sure you ask for references to get the best service available. Your carpet is an investment; you shouldn't trust it with just anyone.

I hope that these carpet cleaning tips are helpful to you. Take good care of your carpets.


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