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Buying, Selling, Decorating and Maintaining Your Home

• When you want to sell your house yourself, and keep the realtor's commission!
• The Home Owner's Mall Plenty of resources for homeowners regarding everything under the sun.
• The Home Decor Mall Shop for all of your home decorating needs and ideas.
• Determining the sale price of your home
• Tips for selling your home
• REALS - A Comprehensive Real Estate Directory
• Home Owner Net


• The Home Garden Mall
• Designing a Home Garden (article)
• Home and Garden Resource Site
• User-friendly software for garden design
• Basic Info for Organic Gardening Provides information for the beginner to organic gardening--glossary, beneficial insects, harmful insects, companion planting, fertilizer component list, hardiness zone map, composting, measurements, mulches and gardening tips.
• Garden Furniture and Covers
Offering a range of garden chairs and tables in teak, steel and other materials. Contemporary, classic and modern styles.


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General Information

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Decorating & Do-It-Yourself, $29.95 with free U.S. shipping

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